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Frequently Asked Questions

Our questions come from many from real people. Some questions have been modified to be more general.

Last updated: September 2, 2020

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What is Jumper Plate and what are its key features?
Is there an online demo so interested LUGs could learn more?
Is Jumper Plate available for FREE?
Are you open to user feedback and add features?
Is Jumper Plate available internationally?
Why haven't I heard about Jumper Plate before now?
How long has Jumper Plate been running?
Is there any obligation if I sign up to the FREE version just to try?
There is 100% no obligation. Feel free to sign-up and give Jumper Plate a play and in most cases, the FREE version is all a LUG needs. Plus it's a great way to reserve your LUG's name just in case.
How is the LUGBULK process managed.

Jumper Plate handles the LUGBULK process in four phases

1. Participation
Your members can request to participate, and you approve them or as an admin you can also select eligible people yourself. The system can then generate an Excel file that you can use to send to LEGO

2. Element Selection
Currently, there are four ways your final 85 can be selected

  1. By Allocation
    Your approved participants can choose parts they wish to be considered for the final 85. Example, everyone could have 5 choices list in order of preference and can see what parts have already been included. As an admin you can see what everyone would like and you can add them to the final 85 list. 
  2. By Open Vote
    This option allows participants to see the list of what elements others have chosen and can then add their own choices or include current ones to help get that element in the final list. The system then collates the votes and allows the admin to see what the most popular parts are and add those to the list.
  3. By Private Vote
    This option allows participants to choose and rank elements in preferred order up to the allocated amount, but are unaware on what others have voted for. Just like the both "By Vote" options, the system collates the votes and allows the admin to see what the most popular parts are and add those to the list.
  4. By Admin
    Ultimately, the admin has the final say in what is in the 85. So if your leadership team chooses to organise it themselves, the system can skip the "Element Selection" phase

3. Ordering
Once you have your 85 parts finalised with all the appropriate details, participants can start to create their order much like a shopping cart. Jumper Plate calculates the order including tax and shipping so that the member is well aware of how much is due. As an admin, you will see all the final totals for when you place the order with LUGBULK.org.

4. Delivery
Once you receive your shipment, admins can export and print out a checklist of peoples orders as well as files designed to make parting out the elements easier

More questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email: connect@jumperplate.com or via our contact form