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Jumper Plate

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Jumper Plate

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Every cent counts

Jumper Plate is a community-driven software with the commitment to ensure any LEGO Club no matter what size or financial position they are in should be able to benefit from the system, so Jumper Plate offers all its core services for FREE to help support LEGO clubs to grow which ultimately helps make our whole LEGO Community even more awesome.

To help support this ongoing service, every single cent raised goes directly back to supporting and the ongoing development of Jumper Plate to ensure it continues to make the system available to absolutely everyone.

Jumper Plate

Affiliate Programme

Simply by clicking on your preferred region first, every order you make with LEGO's Shop@Home, Jumper Plate receives a small commission to help support the system.


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Display your advertising directly in front of true LEGO fans



Banners appear randomly on the top over every page within the Member’s area of all LUGs using Jumper Plate’s FREE “Base” Plan.

They are used to promote LEGO or LEGO-related products, services, and online communities only and ultimately benefit the members and the LEGO Community.

Banner Specs
Mark Hackett - AUCKLUG, Auckland, New Zealand

Jumper plate is the ideal management tool for LUG’s with easy to use tools that can be added as needed. Great for Lugbulk and show registration. 


Mark Hackett
RLUG Ambassador
AUCKLUG, Auckland, New Zealand