Passionate about your LUG and your hobby?

…but have the burden of the ongoing administration taking all the fun out of it?

Jumper Plate will be launching soon to help you solve our clubs organisational issues with a cloud solution so that you spend more time doing the fun stuff


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Jumper Plate Under Construction

What is Jumper Plate?

Jumper Plate is an online club administration tool that anyone can use to simplify the running of their LUG so you can get back to enjoying the reason why you started the club in the first place... Building!


Designed to be simple, powerful and flexible, you can manage your members, events and communications quickly and with very low touch. Centralise all your LUG and members information securely in the cloud to access and run your LUG FROM anywhere.

Membership Management

Manage your membership details in one centralised place.



Event Attendence

Plan your future events and club days as well as track which ones your members attend.



Newsletter and Group Email

Send out newsletters to all or specific groups of members.



Built and used by people like you

Developed as an offshoot FROM a custom solution created and used for Well-LUG, an official LEGO User Group based in Wellington New Zealand, Jumper Plate built on this foundation and experience on running a club to now offer it’s proven solution to everyone.



Make Jumper Plate work for you

Turn on these plugins anytime you like and shape your Jumper Plate solution to be exactly what you need to make your ongoing administration tasks even easier.



Members Area

Give your members access to exclusive content such as internal news, upcoming events and even register for an upcoming show. Give them the power to manage their own details which makes one less thing for you to deal with.



Public Page

Have a page online to help promote your LUG, gain memberships through the online signup form, display your news & events and gather newsletter subscribers.



LUG Bulk Management

Manage your whole LUG Bulk process and take the stress out of admin. Plus get the annual Stats the LEGO Group require as a requirement to being an official LUG.

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