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The Six Brick Challenge

An online puzzle game that uses six physical bricks to solve over 30 challenges.


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New Puzzles Coming Soon

Six special May the Fourth puzzles will be available to play from the 4th of May 2024.

What is it?

The Six Brick Challenge is an online puzzle game that uses six physical building bricks to solve visual puzzles from decoding words, connecting paths, mathematical challenges and much more.

Each brick has a different set of letters, numbers, patterns and maths symbols printed on each of the sides and when combined and arranged correctly are used to solve each of the 30 online puzzles.

Jumper Plate
Jumper Plate

Start solving anywhere

Play anywhere and on any internet-capable device like your mobile phone, tablet, school Chromebook and even your old home computer.

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Puzzles for everyone

Take on the challenge as a family, or go it alone; anyone at any age can click the bricks together to try and conquer the Six Brick Challenge.

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Get rewarded

Solve the 30+ puzzles and earn the right to put your name on the online honours board for all to see and a printable certificate for the fridge.

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How do you play?

The Six Brick Challenge is a child-friendly website that can be accessed by any internet-capable device such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and even school chrome books which are usually set up to prevent students from downloading apps.

On the inner flap of the box, you will be given the website to go to and using the supplied building bricks you will use them to "Crack the code" to enter the game.


What’s in the box?

Inside each Six Brick Challenge box is a set of six differently coloured building bricks, each with a unique set of numbers, letters, math symbols and lines designed to help you solve over the 30 online puzzles.

The box also contains a sealed "Hint" card that can be opened help understand the sides of the bricks if you get stuck.

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Take on the challenge

There are six different colour zones to complete, each containing four puzzles which slowly get more challenging as you progress. Beat all six zones to face the final Gold Zone where anything goes.

Those that solve all 30 puzzles will earn the right to put their name on the online honours board for all to see and a printable certificate for the fridge.

There is also a secret bonus challenge for those that can also "think outside of the box".


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